Temples and Courts

 The Desert of Pennsylvania





  Noble John P. Goss No.1                                                                                                         Yvonne Montague-Mason (154)

  Imperial Deputy of the Desert                                                                                                   Imperial Deputy for the Desert

Home of the

Imperial Chief Rabban, Noble John T. Chapman No. 1,   


    Pyramid Temple No. 1                                                                                          Pyramid Court No. 17

     Oasis of Philadelphia, PA                                                                          Oasis of Philadelphia, PA

     Noble Amos Pickens III, Illustrious Potentate                                       Dt. Robyn Walker, Illustrious Commandress

     Noble Derrick Morales, Imperial Deputy of the Oasis                         Dt. Cheryl D. Priest, Imperial Deputy for the Oasis


     Sahara Temple No. 2                                                                                            Sahara Court No. 9

     Oasis of Pittsburgh, PA                                                                              Oasis of Pittsburgh, PA

     Noble Ralph Howard, Illustrious Potentate                                           Dt. A. Loretta Carter, Illustrious Commandress

     Noble Timothy Cager Imperial Deputy of the Oasis                             Dt. Mary Etta Johnson, Imperial Deputy for the Oasis


    Himyar Temple No. 17                                                                                          Himyar Court No. 97

    Oasis of Harrisburg, PA                                                                                Oasis of Harrisburg, PA

    Noble Raymond Roy, Illustrious Potentate                                              Dt. Donna R. Fisher, Illustrious Commandress

    Noble John P. Goss, Imperial Deputy of the Desert                                Dt. Fannie Thorpe, Imperial Deputy for the Oasis


    Amen-Ra Temple No. 158                                                                                    Amen-Ra Court No. 225

    Oasis of Norristown, PA                                                                                Oasis of Norristown, PA

    Noble Sean Snead, Illustrious Potentate                                                    Dt. Geraldine Robinson-Ervin, Illustrious Commandress

    Noble John Anderson, Imperial Deputy of the Desert                             Dt. Yvonne Montague-Mason, Imperial Deputy for the Oasis                                                                                


    Minaret Temple No. 174                                                                                      Minaret Court No. 154

    Oasis of Chester, PA                                                                                       Oasis of Chester, PA

    Noble Calvin Church, Illustrious Potentate                                                Dt. Sheila McCullough, Illustrious Commandress

    Noble Mathew Powell, Imperial Deputy of the Oasis                              Dt. Valarie Lawrence, Imperial Deputy for the Oasis


   Pharoah Temple No. 183                                                                                      Pharoah Court No. 196

   Oasis of Erie, PA                                                                                                Oasis of Erie, PA

   Noble Clifton Collins, Illustrious Potentate                                                  Dt. Jill Kirkland, Illustrious Commandress

   Noble Vernon Dobbs, Imperial Deputy of the Oasis                Dt. Carolyn Crawford, Imperial Deputy for the Oasis